Getting Started with Weebly

Starting out in Weebly was pretty easy. You make an account, which can be linked to your Facebook or Google account. Then all you have to do is choose a theme that you like and navigate how to edit the site.

Weebly Setup:

Editing the Site:

Weebly lines up everything pretty straightforward. On the left hand of the screen, Weebly gives you the option of dragging and dropping different elements that provide different functions, such as adding a text element, or a gallery element.

However, if you wanted to add a video element, you would have to upgrade to premium. Making pages is also straightforward, but Weebly only allows you to make pages and they are automatically added into your menu. You can choose to hide the page from navigation, but there is no way to differentiate between a page and menu item on Weebly like in WordPress.

When adding text, Weebly gives the helpful styling bar that includes bolding, italicizing, and changing font size and color.

Yet when trying to match fonts or size, Weebly does not give that option. Whereas in WordPress, the user is given the option to clear formatting, which will erase outside formats, or paste as text, which formats the text to WordPress as it is pasted.