Getting Started with WordPress

Getting Started:

Starting out with WordPress is a little bit different than Wix and Weebly because you have to find a web host for the domain in order to make the domain yours, or else WordPress would just be hosting your site. offers 3 great hosting sites if you need help deciding on one.

WordPress Setup:

Editing the Site:

Navigating WordPress is a little different compared to Wix and Weebly because there is a front and back panel to work with. The back panel, as seen in the image below, is referred to the Dashboard and any additional edits that can be made, such as adding plugins, media, changing the theme, and editing the settings.

Image of back panel:

The front panel is where you can edit the site and actively see the changes happen.

Image of front panel:

Posts & Pages:

WordPress offers a nice feature of allowing the user to make posts if they want to write a blog or simple pages if they want more permanent content. You can also organize those posts or pages into specific categories and then add tags, such as cats or horses could be a category and a tag could be the breed, type, or unique phrase associated with the topic, which makes content more searchable.