Getting Started with Wix

Getting Started:

Starting out in Wix is very similar to starting out in Weebly. You make an account, which can be linked to your Facebook or Google account. Then all you have to do is choose a theme that you like and navigate how to edit the site. However, logining back in takes some time and you may have to refresh the page.

Wix Setup:

Editing the Site:

Editing in Wix is a bit more hands, like in Weebly, but more so than in WordPress. With Wix and Weebly, every element has to be manually positioned, whereas in WordPress, everything is automatically formatted. On the left-hand of the screen, Wix gives many options to choose from when adding elements to the page.

Each element option offers many different choices for the user to choose from, such as if the user wanted to add text, they have many different style options to choose from and then they can edit the font, size, spacing, and color.