Adding to WordPress

Adding a gallery:

WordPress offers multiple plugins for image galleries to add to a site.

Editing with HTML & CSS:

Editing with html and css allows you to add extra features or change anything about the site. You can a border and background to your header or hide unwanted text.


Embedding is a different way of inserting content in a post or page. To embed in WordPress, you need to be in the html editor mode and then paste the embed link from the source. Such as if you wanted a Youtube video on a page, you can either link, which will take you to the specific page the video is hosted on, or you can embed, which places the video in the post/page.

YouTube offers option to either share or embed.

Image of share option:

Image of embed option:

Pages & Menus:

Plugins & Widgets:

A plugin is a type of software that performs a specific function and can be added to a WordPress site. WordPress has over 55,000 plugins to choose from.

If you wanted a calendar on your website, you could search “calendar” and have over 1,000 results.

Find out more on the plugins page on


WordPress gives you the option of creating as many subdomains as you want. A subdomain is a subpart of a domain. The URLs change as well, if a main domain is called and a subdomain is created, the name of the subdomain would be

Step 1:

Click on subdomain in your c-panel.

Step 2:

Name your subdomain and the the URL will be shown in the Document Root.

Step 3:

Click “Create” and then once it has been successfully created, you have to install WordPress in the the subdomain.