Adding to Weebly

In the editor, Weebly offers individual elements that have specific functions, such as adding an image, gallery, video, slideshow, and more.


Weebly offers apps to add to a site to improve searches and make it more social. For fun, I added a snowflake app that makes it look like is snow falling in the picture.

Adding a gallery:

Weebly has an element that acts as a gallery function, all you have to do is drag and drop the element onto the page and upload the images. From there, you can move the images to whatever order you want, add columns, edit captions, and spacing.

Editing with HTML & CSS:

To edit in html on Weebly, you select the “Embed Code” element and type in html code to add to the site.


Embedding works the same way it would for any website platform. Weebly offers an element box that is specifically for embedding.

Pages & Menus: